Medical content


One of the biggest strengths of Infermedica’s technology is that it allows you to easily customize or create new medical knowledge bases. That means you can provide your own domain-specific content to build a specialized knowledge base independent of Infermedica’s primary care content. In order to do that we are offering our advanced authoring tool called MetaBase.

MetaBase is a web-based platform that allows for collaborative modeling of the medical knowledge of the system. It was designed by doctors and UX experts to efficiently structure the data on conditions, symptoms and risk factors. MetaBase is easy to use and does not require any substantial training. It includes online collaboration features such as change tracking, commenting, issue resolving, peer reviewing and more. On top of that MetaBase offers a complete suite of testing tools that allow you to verify your system on the fly.


MetaBase is currently available only to select partners. Please contact us directly if you are interested in using the tool.