Postman collection

Postman is the app that allows you to build, send and test API requests – without writing a proper code. It’s a quick and easy way to start your journey with the Infermedica API. Postman is free and available for Mac, Linux, Windows and Google Chrome. Learn more about Postman.

Run in Postman

Infermedica API is available as the Postman collection and environment. The collection includes all endpoints and predefined requests. It allows you to test the API in seconds.

Environments are the powerful way to store variables. We use them to save your app_id and app_key. Make sure that your credentials are correct – otherwise the authentication errors will occur.

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Run in Postman
Run in Postman

Generate code snippets

You can generate snippets of code to make the same requests from your own application. Postman supports many languages and frameworks – NodeJs, PHP, Ruby etc.

1. Click the Code link.

2. In the Generate code snippets window select your language of choice. Copy the code.