API: Intake


What is Infermedica API - Intake?

  • Stateful API based on REST architecture
  • Allows you to collect patient information via survey forms
  • AI-driven analyses, based on the evidence collected during the interview


API for Intake functionalities is based on HTTPS and uses JWT authentication to secure the communication between your app and the API.

Your application can only perform the actions that it declares it will. Base permissions are granted by Infermedica during setup. Example permissions include creating surveys or reading collected information about patients.


Each client has its own Intake instance. <INSTANCE\_URL> in this documentation stands for the address of the configured client instance of the platform. This instance will be set up by the Infermedica team.

Common concepts


Stores basic information about a survey such as status, expiry date, visit date etc. A survey can be in one of 3 statuses: new, pending, or completed.


Questions are assigned to the survey. Questions contain information about the content of the question and possible answers. Each question is dependent on the user's previous answers.

User answer

The structure of the answer depends on the question. The question defines the user's possible answer.

How to access our API?

Contact us (opens in a new tab) and we will prepare an instance for your company as well as the necessary access information.