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Model: February 15, 2017

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Added (5)

c_117Anxiety disorder
c_771Diabetic retinopathy
c_550Inguinal hernia
c_755Splenic injury
c_830Sprained shoulder

Removed (15)

c_281Cannabinoid use
c_232Duodenal ulcer
c_422Eye movement nerve palsy (paralysis of the third, fourth, and sixth cranial nerves)
c_231Gastric ulcer
c_559Gastritis due to Helicobacter pylori infection
c_560Gastritis due to NSAID or corticosteroid use
c_532Gestational diabetes
c_364Non ST elevation myocardial infarction
c_341Plummer-Vinson syndrome, sideropenic dysphagia
c_365ST elevation myocardial infarction
c_115Skeletal limb trauma
c_409Unilateral frontal lobe damage

Updated (12)

c_667Alcohol poisoning (ethanol toxicity)
Hint:Сall an ambulance immediately.Call an ambulance immediately.
c_609Alcohol withdrawal syndrom with delirium
Hint:Please call an ambulance immediately, you may require emergency psychiatric help.Please call an ambulance immediately, you may require emergency psychiatric help.
Hint:I suggest making an appointment with your family doctor.I suggest making an appointment with your family doctor or infectious disease specialist.
c_96Cervical cancer
Name:Uterine cancerCervical cancer
c_82Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Name:Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
c_407Diabetes insipidus
Name:Diabetes insipidus (DI)Diabetes insipidus
c_34Gilbert's syndrome
Name:Gilbert's syndrome (Hereditary hyperbilirubinemia)Gilbert's syndrome
c_142Irritable bowel syndrome
Name:Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)Irritable bowel syndrome
c_488Primary sclerosing cholangitis
Name:Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC)Primary sclerosing cholangitis
c_429Thyrotoxicosis with tyrotoxic crisis
Name:ThyrotoxicosisThyrotoxicosis with tyrotoxic crisis
c_264Wegener's granulomatosis
Hint:I suggest consulting a hematologist.I suggest consulting a rheumatologist.
c_431de Quervain's thyroiditis
Name:de Quervain's thyroiditis (subacute granulomatous thyroiditis, Giant Cell Thyroiditis)de Quervain's thyroiditis


Added (15)

s_1589Abdominal tenderness, left upper quadrant
s_1661Cutaneous mass
s_1683Cutaneous mass, mobile
s_1662Cutaneous mass, soft
s_1244Decrease of inguinal tumor size while supine
s_1655Edema, joint, shoulder
s_1243Enlargement of inguinal tumor during defecation sneezing, coughing, laughing or engaging abdominal wall muscles
s_317Impaired balance and gait
s_1245Inguinal mass can be reduced into abdomen manually
s_1242Inguinal soft tumor
s_1563Itching of eyes
s_1654Joint pain, shoulder
s_1685Telangiectasias, face
s_1571Worrisome skin lesion, painful
s_1761Worrisome skin lesions aggravated by stress

Removed (7)

s_264Difficulty urinating or defecating
s_1730Dizziness, vertigo, head rotation
s_296Feet sensitive to cold
s_1564Itching of an eye
s_520Panic attacks triggered by stressful situation
s_138Recurrent herpes simplex
s_166Transient symptoms after consuming alcohol

Updated (20)

s_1532Abdominal pain, periumbilical
Question:Is your pain located in the center of your abdomen near the navel?Is your pain located in the center of your abdomen near the belly button?
s_1392Abdominal tenderness, right upper quadrant
Question:Do you feel pain or discomfort applying pressure over the right upper quadrant of your abdomen?
Name:Tenderness to palpation in the right hypochondriac regionAbdominal tenderness, right upper quadrant
s_1728Altered defecation rhythm
Question:Have you noticed changes in your bowel habits (change in frequency, consistency or in caliber of the stools)?Have you noticed change in your defecation rhythm (change in bowel habit) in recent weeks?
Name:Change in bowel habitsAltered defecation rhythm
s_408Cold feet and toes
Question:Do your hands or fingers and feet often feel cold?Do your toes and feet often feel cold?
Name:Cold hands or fingers and feetCold feet and toes
s_96Discomfort while swallowing
Question:Do you have pain when you swallow?Do you have nonpainful sensation of a lump or foreign body in the throat?
Name:Sleep disorder, daytime sleepinessDrowsiness
s_274Feeling hot
Question:Do you feel hot all of the time?Do you feel hot all of the time or you have heat intolerance?
s_1186Fever with flare-ups and remissions
Name:Elevated body temperature with flare-ups and remissionsFever with flare-ups and remissions
s_1401Frequent bowel movement
Question:Can you say that you have frequent bowel movements?Have you noticed frequent bowel movements?
s_1294Grape-like vaginal discharge
Question:Does the vaginal discharge contain a tissue that looks like a bunch of grapes?
s_23Headache, pressure
Question:Do you have headache pain that feels like pressure around your head?Do you have headache that feels like pressure around your head?
s_757Holster sign
Question:Have you noticed redness on the sides of your thighs and/or hips?Have you noticed redness on the sides of your thighs and (or) hips?
Name:PoikilodermaHolster sign
s_280Hot flushes
Name:Hot flashesHot flushes
s_687Intrusive thoughts, obsessive fears
Name:Intrusive thoughts - obsessive fearsIntrusive thoughts, obsessive fears
s_688Intrusive thoughts, obsessive images
Name:Intrusive thoughts - obsessive imagesIntrusive thoughts, obsessive images
s_1440Irregular menstruations
Question:Do you have irregular (less than 21 or more than 35 days between) menstrual cycles?Do you have irregular menstrual cycles?
s_375Lesions spread easily by touch
Question:Does the rash spread easily by touch?Do you have skin lesions that spread easily by touch?
s_1196Pain in crotch, severe
Name:Severe pain in crotchPain in crotch, severe
s_607Tongue erythema
Question:Is your tongue red?Is your tongue unusually red?
s_233Toothache, severe
Name:Severe toothacheToothache, severe

Risk factors

Updated (11)

p_40Carbon monoxide source
Question:Do you have a coal-fired furnace, gas fire or a broken gas boiler?In order to exclude carbon monoxide poisoning, do you have a coal-fired furnace, gas fire or a broken gas boiler?
p_82Contact with allergen
Question:Did you have recent contact with something known to be allergenic - such as food, chemicals, pollen, pets, etc.?Have you had recent contact with a known allergen - such as food, chemicals, pollen, pets, etc.?
p_122Contact with animals
Question:Have you recently come into contact with animals (licking, biting, playing), animal feces, raw meat or unpasteurized milk?Have you come into contact with any non-domesticated animals?
p_100Contact with animals, cat
Name:Contact with animals - catContact with animals, cat
p_99Contact with sick person, chickenpox
Name:Contact with sick person - chickenpoxContact with sick person, chickenpox
p_74Craniocerebral trauma
Name:Craniocerebral traumaCraniocerebral trauma
Question:Do you have diabetes?
p_10High cholesterol
Question:Do you have high level of cholesterol?
Question:Do you have hypertension?
Question:Are you after menopause?
p_138Prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat
Name:Prolonged exposure to sunlightProlonged exposure to sunlight and heat

Laboratory tests

Added (1)

lt_518Detection of Strongyloides stercoralis larvae in stool samples

Updated (1)

lt_157Positive fecal occult blood (FOB) test
Name:Fecal occult blood (FOB) testPositive fecal occult blood (FOB) test