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Model: August 28, 2017

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Added (3)

c_551Incarcerated inguinal hernia
c_738Ruptured eardrum
c_857Tinea pedis

Removed (2)

c_659Acute viral tonsillopharyngitis
c_812Rotavirus infection

Updated (2)

c_249Acute streptoccocal tonsillopharyngitis
Common name:Strep throat
Name:Acute tonsillitisAcute streptoccocal tonsillopharyngitis
c_121Acute viral tonsillopharyngitis
Name:Acute pharyngitisAcute viral tonsillopharyngitis


Added (2)

s_1557Abdominal pain, diffuse
s_1577Discharge from ear, bloody

Removed (1)

s_414No contraceptives used

Updated (3)

s_42Chest pain, exacerbating during movement
Question:Do you feel pain when you try to move?Does the pain in your chest get worse when you try to move?
s_398Dermatological changes, entire skin
Question:Are the skin changes localized all over your body?Are the skin changes all over your body?
s_1548Pseudomembrane in throat or nose
Name:Coated tonsills, pseudomembranePseudomembrane in throat or nose