Platform API

MDR - Platform API

Platform is an Infermedica product that supports patients and healthcare providers throughout all stages of the primary care journey—from symptom to outcome. It currently comprises individually certified medical device modules: Triage and Intake, compliant with the Medical Devices Directive MDD 93 / 42 / EEC.

Currently at Infermedica, we are focused on certifying Platform as a medical device platform that offers a wide array of convenient configuration options. We are adapting our processes and product documentation to meet the requirements of Medical Device Regulation MDR 2017 / 745. Many of Platform's features will be available to customers via the Platform API, which will also be its certified component. Therefore, in 2025, we will offer the full Platform API as a module of a medical device, certified for compliance with MDR as a class IIA device in the EU.

Availability Territories

Platform will be available within the European Union once it obtains certification as a medical device in 2025. The availability of the product in other territories depends on meeting local regulatory requirements for medical devices and is the responsibility of the producer of the final application based on the Platform API.